Carrie Dietz Brown is a painter whose work focuses on empowering the quiet and slanting the familiar. Themes of cultivation, practice, mapping, and collecting are seen throughout her paintings. Carrie grew up in Los Angeles and is influenced by the washed out watery colors found in the city and surrounding wildlife. Her work often explores the intricacies of human comforts and the spaces that nourish our sense of home.

In 2013, she received her Bachelor of Arts with a focus in Drawing and Painting from CSU Long Beach. Her work was shown many places, including: LA, San Francisco, New York, and ESAW. Since her son was born in the spring of 2017, Carrie has never been more moved to create. Her new work includes a loose style of dripping shapes and spaces within scenes of intimacy and warmth.

DAWN TO DUSK explores dusty aged colors pushed across paper. This is seen on the boughs of lazy flowers picked and jammed into jars, front yard scenes of dappled light, and colors overlapping with patterns sleeping on top.

Carrie currently lives and works in Los Angeles.